MindaClient More than CRM


MindaClient More than CRM

MindaClient History

Nearly 5 years ago the idea for MindaClient was born.

We wanted to develop a flexible CRM system that we could easily tailor for clients in different sectors. It needed to be cloud based and available on all devices. We started with a very basic version and got it out to a few clients to trial it.


Over the years we have listened to our customers and have built many different modules and features where the demand was clearly identified. Research we carried out told us that the key reason users didn’t use CRM systems was because they were too cluttered with “features” they didn’t need or use. So we built all new modules in a way that we could turn them on or off depending on what the customer wanted.

This has resulted in us now having an extensive suite of business programmes that we can tailor to a clients needs. These include:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales & Pipeline Management
  • Repair Management
  • Course & Class Management
  • Stock Control
  • Cloud based Timesheets
  • Field Service
  • Project Management
  • Machine & Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor tendering system
  • Instant Invoicing
  • Online Payments for Clients


Tailoring to Clients Need

Clients can sign up automatically on our website. However we offer a service that has proven to be very popular with new Clients. We talk to our clients, get an understanding of what they need from a system and then set them up with their own version of MindaClient.


Master screen where we can customise your MindaClient experience

We have over 100 different settings that we can adjust for each client to ensure that they get the user experience and functions that best suits their needs.


Different solutions for different clients

Over the coming weeks we will be writing a number of case studies explaining how different clients are using MindaClient.


To start with here a few examples.

Large Shopping Centre 

  • Managing their tenants.
  • Facilities Management
  • Customer service. Recording any issues from members of the public and ensuring all resolved


Enterprise Centre

  • Office & Hot desk Management
  • Management of clients & tenancies
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Internal & External Communication


MindaClient – Different solutions for different sectors


Sales Company

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Outbound Marketing campaigns
  • Contact Management
  • Lead & Account Management


Repair & Service Company

  • Complete Logistics management for Repairs.
  • Tracking repair from shop to repair centre and back to customer
  • Quick enquiry facility across repair network
  • Printing receipts for customers of work done
  • Performance management


Electrical Contractor

  • Scheduling Jobs for Clients
  • Scheduling reminders about service dates
  • Recording work done on site by contractors
  • Generating timesheets based on work carried out


Hotel Chain

  • Managing the Sales function
  • Checking sales targets by individual Sales person
  • Comparing Sales performance of different hotels
  • Using Customer data to increase sales



  • Recording time spent with and for clients
  • Scheduling of work through integrated diary
  • Generating reports of work done to support invoicing
  • Contact management and communication with clients




About Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly - Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:05 Comment Link

Brian is co-founder and CEO of MindaClient. When Brian is not working in MindaClient he loves watching soccer and working on spreadsheets. He needs to get out more.

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