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With our personal touch and our gold star support we will ensure that MindaClient helps you to look after your customers and at the same time increase sales.

Our team has a combined 56 years experience of developing, implementing and supporting CRM solutions so you are talking to the experts.

3 years ago we decided to use our experience and expertise to build a new CRM service that would be easy to use, would eliminate paperwork and would be developed with huge input from customers. The result is MindaClient.

Brian Kelly

Brian is co-founder and CEO of MindaClient. When Brian is not working in MindaClient he loves watching soccer and working on spreadsheets. He needs to get out more.

Brian McEvoy

Brian McEvoy

Brian is our web developer and also does application support. His engineering background makes him a great problem solver. Brian is the healthy eater in MindaClient.

Sorcha Dalton

Sorcha Dalton

Sorcha is our Customer Services executive and loves talking to all our customers. Sorcha comes in to work to get a break from Milly her gorgeous 1 year old.


Roisin Dunne

Roisin is our Lead web developer and also does application support. In her spare time she minds her three children who ensure she doesn’t have much spare time.


David Kelleher

David is our Server Administrator and he also works at systems development & application support. When he’s not tinkering with technology, you’ll probably find him in the kitchen, where he toils tirelessly in pursuit of the perfect omelette.

Robert Downes

Robert Downes

Robert is co-founder and operations director of MindaClient and is based in our Wicklow office. Having previously coached Soccer & Rugby he now encourages referees from the sideline ! He can provide CPR but often nearly needs it himself at matches.


Alva Kenny

Alva is our Business Development Manager. Alva’s years of experience in Hotels ensures she is well able for the pressure and has some great stories to tell. Endless reading & shopping means she always has something to say!


Caroline O’Grady

Caroline is our Business Development Executive and is passionate about her job. She is a devoted parent to her two pet dogs, and has a keen interest in Anthropology and Strictly Come Dancing – not necessarily in that order!

Innovative Company of the Year       


Award Winning Software

Nominated for National Blog Award 2016

Digital & Tech Category

Nominated as Best Customer Service Provider

Small Business of the Year


Shortlisted for Net Visionary Awards 2015

Best Cloud Service for SMEs


Shortlisted for Net Visionary Awards 2016

Best Cloud Service to Optimise Business Performance

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