Help with Hybrid Working

  1. MindaClient will ensure that you stay connected with your team, your clients and your other partners & stakeholders.
  2. All new clients get friendly training, support & webinars to help you maximize the benefits of using MindaClient
  3. Get in contact now and you could be seeing the benefits of a tailored trial by this time tomorrow

Working Remotely

MindaClient will ensure that you maintain seamless customer service, your staff can access the latest customer information remotely and you can plan for future sales. Getting started is so easy with MindaClient.

Get set up in 6 easy steps

  • Setting up or tidying up your customer database is one practical thing you can do now that will bring you future benefits
  • You will have a vital tool in place that enables your company provide seamless customer service
  • You can plan future sales and campaigns for when restrictions are eased
  • You can stay in touch with your customer and provide reassurance and continuity, even if they are not buying right now

Working Remotely

How it works

All your client information and communication history are instantly available. You can record all client interactions. All transactions are updated in real time. You can schedule your future meetings and appointments and you will receive automated reminders. You can communicate with you clients securely using the bulk Email and SMS facilities. While working remotely you can assign work to all you staff. This appears in their schedule and you can view progress. Daily work summaries can be emailed providing quality management information. You get great flexibility with 24/7 access on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.