MindaClient CRM

MindaClient CRM is an easy to use software system that we can tailor to your organisation. It is an ideal way of maintaining business continuity if some or all of your staff are working remotely. It will help increase sales, provide better customer service and streamline your business. Adapt

What are the benefits of MindaClient for my company?

  • Your productivity maintained in this new work environment. Measure the input and output of your staff working remotely.
  • Training provided staff trained on how to maximise CRM and Sales & Marketing in a remote workforce.
  • Improved Communications. Secure communication to your staff and your clients.
  • Less need for face to face meetings. Allocate work directly to employee's phone using mobile MindaClient.
  • Increased Sales. Build back up your pipeline and grow your sales.
  • Seamless Customer service provide in Head Office and for Remote workers. Everyone in your company sees the latest contact with every client.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Less paper and digitally sharing documents.
  • It could cost you nothing to get set up. Supports are being provided for implementation and training.

Helping companies rebuild their business and adapt to a new way of working

  1. Rebuild is an easy to use package that will let you allocate tasks to your staff and monitor their work. You can provide excellent customer care as everyone in the company can see the latest client information in real time. You can grow your sales pipeline using our pipeline builder. We provide excellent support and advice and you have access to a suite of training videos.

  • Financial support may be available to implement this new way of doing business. Please check out the features, pricing and potential supports below.

Mind your Staff, Clients & Sales

Allocate work to remote workers Contact Management Plan new sales pipelines
Monitor staff inputs and staff outputs daily Schedule future tasks & activities Analyse past sales & contact previous clients to help plan repeat sales
Generate timesheets for recorded work Automated customer service notifications for clients - Email & SMS Set sales targets for your team
Access to shared documents & policies Remote workers see latest updates for clients in realtime Manage your pipeline
All staff have latest client information so customer service levels maintained Client documents can be stored and shared with users Automated reminders to follow up on sales
Keep contact log to facilitate contact tracing Sales & Marketing campaigns Run targeted marketing campaigns
Shared company diary

What our existing clients say about us

“In light of the current situation it has been a blessing to use Mindaclient to be able to work at home.”

Lorraine, Cork

“It’s brilliant to have this system to work from home.... again I would be lost without it!”

Catherine, Navan

“At last, a CRM that ticks all our boxes even GDPR Compliance!”

Róisín, Athlone