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The Family Pet Show

The Family Pet Show

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“The team at Mind a Client have shown a true understanding of our business delivering excellent service at all times.”

The Family Pet Show is an annual event hosted in Manchester for pets and their families.

Carrie Mosely has run this show for a number of years.


Each year they have to sell exhibition space to a large number of exhibitors and also liaise with many individuals and companies as the event is being organised.

There are a number of people who sell the exhibition space and Carrie needed a system that would manage the sales as well as the sales staff. Because of the cyclical nature of the conference, new sales staff would come on board at different times. Carrie needed a CRM system that would provide continuity if there was any staff turnover.

The communication with companies as well as the scheduling of reminders about deadlines coming up to the conference needed to be managed.


In this instance MindaClient was set up as conference management software. The customers and contacts that Carrie had in spreadsheets were initially imported into MindaClient. The type of activities that were relevant to the running of a large event were customised for the Family Pet Show. Training was provided and the history of which organisation attends each years conference is built up. This means that all the data that is collected each year can be reused to help the following years sales.

Family Pet Show

What the client has to say:

” Having worked with various CRM programmes over three decades I can confidently say that Mind a Client is the most robust and straightforward system I have ever used.

Mind a Client really helps us to maximise opportunities and manage business from leads right through to looking after our key accounts.

It allows us to forecast, manage our pipeline whilst ensuring anyone in the office can help any of our clients at any time.

The team at Mind a Client have been incredibly flexible and shown a true interest and understanding in our business delivering excellent service at all times.


I could not recommend them highly enough!”


Carrie Mosley

Managing Director

The Family Pet Show LTD.

Manchester, UK

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