Test of Time from MindaClient


Test of Time from MindaClient

Flexibility of MindaClient

We are always telling our clients how flexible MindaClient is and how it can cater for their every need !

Well one customer put us to the test recently. They knew that MindaClient users could already record the time they spent with their clients and they could generate reports to show the total time an employee spent with a client. So they asked us if they could use MindaClient it to replace their timesheets altogether.


We teased this through with them and they gave us a list of their key requirements.

  • Employee to use their mobile phone to clock in and clock out.
  • Ability to record time spent with different clients.
  • Above all – ease of use.
  • A bonus would be to have some checking in place to confirm that the time and location recording was accurate.


Ease of use

Our existing mobile version provides great functionality but it was too much information for someone that only wanted to record their time.

Here is the Client screen on mobile MindaClient


Functions on existing Mobile MindaClient

Here is our new screen to record Time.


New design focussed on Ease of Use

The only thing a user had to do is enter their start time when they start and enter their end time when they finish. The system does the rest.

So here is everything a user has to do.

  1. Find your client. Recent Clients are displayed to save searching
  2. Enter your Start time
  3. Enter your Finish time
  4. Confirm and Save


Let the system work for you rather than the other way around

Too many systems are clunky and require too much input from users. We designed this facility to let the system do the work.

All the user does is click when they start and click when they finish.

Once that happens ALL of the following happens in the background automatically.

  • The duration is calculated
  • Checks are run to ensure the time is valid – ie not finishing before you start.
  • The time worked for the client is updated.
  • The employees timesheet record is updated
  • The date and time that the record was entered is recorded
  • The location of where the record was entered is recorded
  • The audit trail is updated
  • The employees total time worked is updated
  • A weekly record of the time an employee worked can be emailed to that employee so they have their own independent record of what they entered.


Let the system do the work

Going Live

All systems can look good on paper but the measurement of any system is how well it is used. The User Experience and ease of use contributes greatly to the success.

We provided the training to the staff in our client company. We displayed the mobile phone on a big screen and stepped through how they would enter their time.

We went through the system on each of the users phones and let them add in some test records.

A date was picked to go live and we were on hand for support but all went smoothly with just a few queries.


Time Saving & other Benefits

Time was saved by employees who no longer have to fill out timesheets

Time saved by employer who no longer had to transcribe all the timesheets into a spreadsheet

Timesheets can be generated for a week for all employees at the click of a button

The history of all the time spent with a client can be generated. This was not available before without going back through all the timesheets.

Realtime information available centrally to see what work has been completed.


Samples of reports we made available to our clients for Timesheet & Client Reporting



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Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly - Friday, 31 March 2017 12:50 Comment Link

Brian is co-founder and CEO of MindaClient. When Brian is not working in MindaClient he loves watching soccer and working on spreadsheets. He needs to get out more.

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