MindaClient – A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life


MindaClient – A Day in the Life

Here is an insight into a typical day in MindaClient. We are a cloud business so some things would differ from offline business but many of the activities would be similar to what goes on in many SMEs.


Daily Online Activity

Some days are busier than others but looking at an average day here is a breakdown of the online activity that would be carried out by our customers in MindaClient.

  • They would add 330 new clients each day
  • They would add 1,720 activities
  • They would send or schedule 370 SMS reminders to their clients
  • They would send or schedule 415 emails to their clients
  • They would carry out 1,900 client searches

The majority of users access MindaClient 8.00am and 8.00pm

Over half of users would use MindaClient on their desktop


Device usage of MindaClient


Customer support activity

We have a dedicated customer support team.

In relation to customer support the breakdown is 75% inbound and 25% outbound.

Inbound would be phonecalls and emails requesting support or general enquiries. We provide the most support to clients in the first two months of using MindaClient as they become familiar with all its functions.


Outbound is where we call and email customers to enquire about how they are getting on with MindaClient and we would remind them about new features that may have recently been added.


Sales Activity

We get new sales from a variety of sources. Networking, advertising, marketing campaigns but we still find the most successful source of sales are word of mouth.

One of our team will most likely be doing a demo of MindaClient to a prospective client. We demonstrate MindaClient online with webinars and in some cases we will provide demonstrations on site at clients premises.


A big part of our sales process is identifying what our clients need. We have many different modules available that can be tweaked to the client’s requirements so we will spend some time preparing tailored proposals for larger clients.



Our development team will divide their time between Maintenance work such as improvement works, 2nd line support and new development. New development will include custom development work for clients, development of new features as well as research and development. It works out that we get to spend over 75% of our time on new development area.


The development team also spend 10% of their time on Research and Development. Each member of the team takes a particular area to research and shares the knowledge with the rest of the team.



We usually provide onsite training for new clients. A training session will involve one or two members of staff depending on the size of the company.



Other activities that take place in MindaClient are the more boring ones.


  • Vat returns
  • Accounts
  • Invoicing & debtor collection
  • Payroll
  • Weekly planning meetings
  • Planning & Reviews





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Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly - Tuesday, 30 January 2018 11:58 Comment Link

Brian is co-founder and CEO of MindaClient. When Brian is not working in MindaClient he loves watching soccer and working on spreadsheets. He needs to get out more.

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