Information Management for Counsellors & Therapists


Information Management for Counsellors & Therapists


One of MindaClients first customers was a counsellor who wanted a more efficient way of managing their clients and appointments. Nowadays MindaClient is used across all sectors but there are still a large number of therapists and counsellors using it to help run their business more effectively.

We have Guidance Counsellors, Personal Counsellors, Cancer Support centres, Youth organisations, Community Counsellors, Bereavement Counsellors. We also have a number of counsellors in the UK using MindaClient.


There are a number of business benefits that you will achieve if you properly implement a client and appointment system for your business.  Here are a few examples of benefits you would get with MindaClient.

Reduce no shows. With automated reminders being sent by text to your clients you will reduce the number of people who don’t turn up for appointments.


Increased business. You can schedule future appointments on your phone before your client finishes a session. You can target the people who were with you 6 months ago or you can target the clients who have NOT been with you in the last 6 months.

Full History of client. You have an immediate picture of all the history you have had with a particular client. This is very relevant if the client is assigned to a different therapist. The new therapist can see details of the previous therapies that the client availed of.

See what clients are giving you the most business.  At the end of a year you can see what customers you got the most business from. Was it drop ins. Are group therapy classes more profitable than one to ones for you. Which parts of your county are you getting more inbound business from. Where are clients hearing about you.


Efficient appointment scheduling. You can look at your diary and see when you already have appointments and when you have free slots. You will also get a warning if you try to add an overlapping appointment.

Link your appointments to your smartphone. When you add an appointment you can click to have it instantly sent to the diary on your smartphone.

Information always at your fingertips. You can access your client database securely on your smartphone so you can more efficiently deal with any clients.


Protecting yourself. It has become much more important nowadays to document all your key interactions with clients. What advice you have given them. What treatment have you provided to them. Everything you add into MindaClient is date and time stamped. Every change you or your colleagues make is audited.


We even had a customer at one stage who was in dispute with their client. They printed off an audit of the date and time that they had recorded the details of the appointment and they presented this successfully to their solicitor.


There is a set up cost and this will depend on what training you want and how much work we have to do if you want your existing data worked on and imported.

There is then an ongoing monthly cost per user. This is typically 30 per user. If the system prevents one missed appointment due to your client getting a text reminder or you get one additional appointment because you set a reminder for  a follow up appointment then the system more than pays for itself in addition to all the benefits outlined above.


Steps to get set up

No doubt there are plenty of benefits once you are fully up and running and using a system efficiently. But how do you get to that point. You do need to set aside some time to get your system up and running and you need to treat it like a project.

Selection of software. You need to decide on what software you will use. They will all offer the facility to record your clients and to set up appointments. Two key things that you should look for are how user friendly the software is and how much support you will get from the software company.

Setting up your clients. You can start typing in your clients or if you have a list of your clients in a spreadsheet you should be able to automatically import them all directly.

Setting up your appointments. From a particular date you should start adding in your client appointments into the software. You will presumably have a number of appointments already booked so it is important that you transfer these from your diary into the new diary. Once you have all the appointments added in you should print off a list from the software and double check with your diary to ensure you have brought across all appointments. If you wish to keep a copy of any new appointments in your diary for the first couple of weeks then by all means do so.

Training / New procedures

It is important that everyone in your practice becomes familiar with the new system and that everybody starts to use it consistently. You can’t have one counsellor recording their appointments in the software system and another writing them in their diary.

You should arrange training before you go live with the system as well as ongoing support.


GDPR and data protection. With or without any client software system, if you are a counsellor or therapist you are most likely holding sensitive data about your clients and you should familiarise yourself with the data protection responsibilities you have and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Next Steps. Once you have decided to proceed with a system you should identify one that is easy to use, user friendly and you the company will provide you with good support over the phone and by email.  We would strongly advise anyone providing counselling or therapy to move to a system that we describe above so you can start getting the benefits. We would be delighted if you wanted to discuss your requirements with us.


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