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“The only shame is that I didn’t know about this system when it first became available”

Heart Savers runs private cardiovascular screening centres around Ireland.

Their Heart Savers Life Screening is a new Early Warning Cardio Check which Saves Lives


They wanted appointment scheduling software to schedule and manage all the screenings that they were organising and they wanted to keep track of any products sold to customers.

They had much of their information in spreadsheets and they needed a better way to manage their growing business.

Heartsavers also required help with scheduling, reconfirming their appointments and ensuring their time was being used efficiently.



We identified what fields they wanted to profile their customers with and we set up a version of MindaClient to suit their needs.

We imported all their customer information into MindaClient for them and we called out to train them on the use of MindaClient and how their screenings and sales could be managed more efficiently using MindaClient.

With the use of the on-line diary and the automatic notifications to their clients this has saved a large amount of time calling to re-confirm their appointments and ensuring all their screenings time slots are filled. It also reduced the number of no-shows where clients forgot their appointments.


What the client has to say:

I have been self-employed and worked with a Database on a server for the past 20 years. It was ok when we were in the office but the problem began when you left the office, worked on your files and tried to synchronise them when you got back, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  In the past 3 years we purchased a medical device software which had no appointment system or any kind of a management system included.  Everything was in different areas – books, spreadsheets etc and we fought a losing battle trying to stay on top of it.


Meeting MindaClient

By accident I came across a chap who was using the same medical software as me and he told me about “mind a client” he was so enthusiastic that I went on line to get the phone number but to my surprise there was a free trial which I started to use straight away and then contacted Alva in MindaClient.  Alva showed me a few things over the phone before I even paid a penny or asked for a quote.  I saw it was the perfect system for me and before I knew it Alva arrived to give a demonstration.  She was like a friend from down the road, someone we knew all our life.  We chatted, had tea, went through the package and I must have been using it for a month before I paid my fee.

Mind a Client had given me a quote but there was certainly no push with them getting paid.


How MindaClient works for me

I come into the office in the morning, log onto MindaClient and there on my “dashboard” is my days work.   I’m only using the programme about 6 weeks and I have completely organised my clients as to when they are due a call, letter, text, email. etc.

If I’m out and about or in the car or socialising I can look up a client’s profile from anywhere on my laptop, mobile etc.  MindaClient has allowed me to expand my business and take on more staff as now we are all viewing, updating and editing the same information the same information.


MindaClient Benefits

It has saved me hours of time with bulk texts and emails and automatic reminders to clients rather than me having to contact everyone individually.  I cannot believe the package is so user friendly, I have a massive amount of information from the past 3 years to get into the system.  Alva and the team have done a lot of bulk updating for me but I have a lot of manual stuff to input myself, things that are only in my head as I was relying on my memory a lot over the past few years.


MindaClient support

The backup and support from Mind A Client is amazing, there is a support tab on the side of the screen, if you have any question you just send it off and within minutes there is a reply back through your email, you can have as many used as you wish and you can monitor everyone’s work in an instant.


Ease of Use

This system is so easy to use, my 9 year old daughter was in the office with me today and has started inputting clients for me and checking to see who is already there or who needs to be added.   I am new to the system but even so far it has saved me so much time, I would imagine as I progress and maximise all the features of the system I will gain even more benefit.



The only shame is that I didn’t know about this system when it first became available. It would have saved me a lot of time and money but here we are and there’s no time like the present.   I have enquired in my frustration about other management systems over the previous year, got quotes of 6,000 and other bizarre fees,

I am very pleasantly surprised with the extremely helpful service and cost effectiveness of MindaClient and would highly recommend them to any business.


Caterine Fox,

Heart Savers

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