Field Service

Field Service Management made easy from MindaClient

What is it?

Field Service Manager from MindaClient is a piece of software that will give you a competitive advantage, will impress your customers and will ensure you get paid quicker for your services.


How it works

Service or Repair Cycle   

 tick  Client phones in for service or repair

 tick  Record details in MindaClient and schedule Technician

tick   Scheduled Job instantly appears on Technicians phone

tick   Technician Calls on site and records their start time

tick  Carry out the work. Record the details and the finish time

tick  Include what materials used for the repair, service or installation

tick  Take picture of work done and get client to digitally sign on phone

tick  Send summary of work done and vat invoice instantly to client

Benefits to You

Field Service Manager Benefits

 tick   Automatic reminders about service due dates for you and clients

 tick   Full Service History available to technicians on site

 tick   Instantly update new repairs and services on technicians phone

 tick   Photographic evidence of work done for client and your records

 tick   Digital signature confirming client happy with work

 tick   Email full details of work, time and materials to client onsite

 tick   Instant invoicing to client ensures better cashflow

 tick   Saves time transcribing dockets

 tick   Remove need for paper records


  • Access in the office on Desktop or laptop
  •  Access in the field on Mobile or tablet
  • See full history of jobs carried out
  • Share jobs across your teams
  • Preview invoices before you generate them
  • Defaults to your standard vat rate but you can change for each invoice
  • Invoice can include the clients signature
  • Hourly rate by employee or flat rate for job
  • Include Materials and cost of materials
  • Comprehensive reporting by employee, by client and by date

We want MindaClient to work for you so we have designed a comprehensive support system:

Online support

You can click to contact our support team from every page on MindaClient.

Email Support

You can email our helpdesk who will usually reply within 10 minutes of receiving your question.

Phone Support

You can pick up the phone and talk to us. Our support team have a direct line to our development team so no question goes unanswered.

One to One Training 

Book your one to one online training session to take a training lesson or to answer any questions you have about MindaClient.

Training to get started

We can call out to your premises and train you and your colleagues. We still find that face to face training is the most effective and we love getting to know our customers. Ongoing training can be arranged to find out how to do more in MindaClient.

We also provide online training so if you need to find out more or have specific areas you want training in. All this can be done online while you sit at your computer.

Customising of MindaClient

We built MindaClient so that much of it can be tailored for individual companies and organisation. Just tell us what you want and we will tell you if MindaClient can do it for you.

“We had been looking for a simple but effective system for a very long time and were delighted when we came across Mind a Client.

From the initial enquiry to the swiftly arranged demo we couldn’t believe the functionality and cost.”

Rita Kehoe, Managing Director, The Office Centre

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