CRM for Schools & Colleges

What is it?

If you are running a school or college you need a proper database to manage and communicate with your students &  teachers and to run all your courses. MindaClient’s CRM for Schools and Colleges is the solution.

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Recognise these problems?

 x   Too much administration and paperwork

 x   Difficult to see history of courses that a student completed

 x   Need good reporting on every student and course

 x   Difficulties collecting fees

 x   Constantly dealing with queries from students and staff

 x   Using colour codes in spreadsheets to indicate a sale

 x   Can’t see all previous quotes for a customer – searching files for last quote

 x   Need to see what fees have been paid and what are outstanding

 x   Filing of quotes and no follow ups resulting in loss of sales opportunity


MindaClient’s solutions:

 tick   Have one database of your students, staff & Courses

 tick   Improved customer care to existing students

 tick   Increase business by targeting past students

 tick   Text a class with a couple of clicks when you are at home

 tick   Let tutors manage their own students

 tick   Reduce administration – No more lodging of monies. All can be paid online

 tick   Manage your waiting lists more efficiently

 tick   Access from any device or location


  • Database of all your students
  • Set up your courses and put students on the
  • Text your class or text your teachers
  • Manage a library of books or iPads for students
  • Record payments received from students or parents
  • Let students and parents pay online for course fees
  • See full history of all courses undertaken by student
  • Customise the fields for students
  • Present a teacher with their class list
  • Record assessments and one to one meetings with students

We want MindaClient to work for you so we have designed a comprehensive support system:

Online support

You can click to contact our support team from every page on MindaClient.

Email Support

You can email our helpdesk who will usually reply within 10 minutes of receiving your question.

Phone Support

You can pick up the phone and talk to us. Our support team have a direct line to our development team so no question goes unanswered.

One to One Training 

Book your one to one online training session to take a training lesson or to answer any questions you have about MindaClient.

Training to get started

We can call out to your premises and train you and your colleagues. We still find that face to face training is the most effective and we love getting to know our customers. Ongoing training can be arranged to find out how to do more in MindaClient.

We also provide online training so if you need to find out more or have specific areas you want training in. All this can be done online while you sit at your computer.

Customising of MindaClient

We built MindaClient so that much of it can be tailored for individual companies and organisation. Just tell us what you want and we will tell you if MindaClient can do it for you.

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