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What is it?

MindaClient CRM for Hotels is a CRM system that will help increase your Sales Pipeline, while also managing your Sales Team.

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Recognise these problems?  

 x   Using colour codes in spreadsheets to indicate a sale

 x   No handle on your pipeline

 x   All customer information in salesperson’s head

 x   Struggling with spreadsheets

 x   Can’t see all previous quotes for a customer – searching files for last quote

 x   Sales Teams unable to compile Sales Reports due to time constraints

 x   Losing sales

 x   Filing of quotes and no follow ups resulting in loss of sales opportunity


MindaClient’s solutions:

 tick   Schedule work form sales team

 tick   Up to date accurate pipeline at any time of the month

 tick   Surprise customers when they phone in – all their information at your fingertips

 tick   More seamless transition if staff turnover occurs

 tick   Monitor your sales team activity

 tick   All paperwork – enquiries and net rates available while out with a client on sales calls

 tick   Proactively target customers based on their buying habits

 tick   Fill your dairy with meaningful clients. Select clients by location and business type while out on the road

 tick   Ultimately, for all of the benefits a CRM system provides any Hotel that use them, the biggest benefit is that they use leads to get a better overall customer experience.


  • Database of all clients and contacts within each company
  • Full revenue breakdown reporting for easier budget targets
  • No sales enquiries falling through the cracks.
    All enquiries tracked until converted or lost
  • Analyse your lost sales so changes can be made to convert when possible
  • Customers are more easily and accurately segmented. Identify their needs and track the company’s relationship with them so your Sales Team can interact with them meaningfully at the right times, leading to more sales and higher customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Automated Weekly Sales Activity reports and Pipeline reports for your sales team
  • Easy transfer of clients to new Sales Team
    member – seamless transition with new staff member
  • View our top 50 clients based on revenue
  • Flag key customers
  • Customise client profiles and capture the info that is important to you.
  • On-Line Diary – get to see where everyone is on any given day

We want MindaClient to work for you so we have designed a comprehensive support system:

Online support

You can click to contact our support team from every page on MindaClient.

Email Support

You can email our helpdesk who will usually reply within 10 minutes of receiving your question.

Phone Support

You can pick up the phone and talk to us. Our support team have a direct line to our development team so no question goes unanswered.

One to One Training 

Book your one to one online training session to take a training lesson or to answer any questions you have about MindaClient.

Training to get started

We can call out to your premises and train you and your colleagues. We still find that face to face training is the most effective and we love getting to know our customers. Ongoing training can be arranged to find out how to do more in MindaClient.

We also provide online training so if you need to find out more or have specific areas you want training in. All this can be done online while you sit at your computer.

Customising of MindaClient

We built MindaClient so that much of it can be tailored for individual companies and organisation. Just tell us what you want and we will tell you if MindaClient can do it for you.

As Director of Sales and Marketing for a Lyrath Estate Hotel and Springhill Court Hotel I needed a CRM system that was easy to use and gave me the information I needed both from a client’s perspective and also from a reporting perspective. MindaClient is the perfect solution for me. It gives me the most up to date information about my clients as well as helping to keep my Sales Team focused on the Sales Pipeline.

Sharing of information is vital in Sales and MindaClient ensures every lead is chased and we convert the business. The fact that MindaClient is an Irish Company is also very important to Lyrath Estate & Springhill Court  – supporting local businesses is vital. Their Customer Support Team are second to none with no call or email going unresolved. They are always willing to go the extra mile for you to ensure you get the results you need.

I would not be able to run a busy Sales & marketing Team without MindaClient – it saves me so much time and definitely brings more focus to the Team.


Alva Pearson    Group Sales & Marketing Director

Lyrath Estate Hotel & Springhill Court Hotel   Kilkenny

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