CRM for Builders & Building Services companies

What is it?

Our CRM for Builders and Building Services is the perfect solution for companies in the construction industry to manage your workers, your clients and your projects.

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Recognise these problems ?

 x   Spending your weekend transcribing documents to spreadsheets

 x   Not sure of how a job is progressing

 x   Difficulty pricing jobs

 x   Difficult to tell a client exactly the work carried out to date.

 x   Time spent compiling timesheets

 x   Some employees seem to do more work than others.


MindaClient’s Solutions:

 tick   Complete view of all work done by Client and by Employee

 tick   No more transcribing dockets or worksheets

 tick   Up to the minute picture of every job – details, time & material

 tick   Easy to use & to record work done. Time & Hours accurately recorded

 tick   Produce Instant invoice for client

 tick   Client can sign off work on tablet

 tick   All information securely available from any device from any location

 tick   Compare time spent on drawing & scheduling against on site work


  • Database of your clients and the jobs or
    contracts carried out for them
  • Set hourly rate for each employee
  • Each employee records their work done each
    day on their tablet or smartphone
  • Report by Client, by employee, by date range
    and by work complete
  • Generate your timesheets from the data
    entered by your employees
  • Schedule key milestones as part of a building project
  • Record pictures of project progress at various stages of development
  • Schedule work in MindaClient diary
  • Let workers see their own diary and own clients only

We want MindaClient to work for you so we have designed a comprehensive support system:

Online support

You can click to contact our support team from every page on MindaClient.

Email Support

You can email our helpdesk who will usually reply within 10 minutes of receiving your question.

Phone Support

You can pick up the phone and talk to us. Our support team have a direct line to our development team so no question goes unanswered.

One to One Training 

Book your one to one online training session to take a training lesson or to answer any questions you have about MindaClient.

Training to get started

We can call out to your premises and train you and your colleagues. We still find that face to face training is the most effective and we love getting to know our customers. Ongoing training can be arranged to find out how to do more in MindaClient.

We also provide online training so if you need to find out more or have specific areas you want training in. All this can be done online while you sit at your computer.

Customising of MindaClient

We built MindaClient so that much of it can be tailored for individual companies and organisation. Just tell us what you want and we will tell you if MindaClient can do it for you.

“Since Lacey Electrical Contractors
started using MindaClient it has improved the efficiency of our office immeasurably. Having the details of jobs entered on tablets by the electricians every day lets me see all the work done across the company”

Niall Lacey, Lacey Electrical

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