CRM - Customer Management

An easy to use system that will help you to be organised and increase sales while providing a better level of customer care. Manage all your clients, contacts, prospects and suppliers in one central database which is available 24/7. Customer Management

Some clients who use our CRM

Product Features


• Client profiling
• Customise client dropdown fields
• Client fields you can customise
• Number of clients in your database
• Client Texting
• Client Emailing


• Schedule future appointments
• Record past appointments
• Schedule appointments for colleagues
• Reminder to clients about appointments
• Reminder to staff about appointments
• Recurring appointment scheduling
• Appointment & activity tracking
• Activity reporting
• Outstanding activities on dashboard
• Integrated Diary
• Bulk assigning of appointments

Sales Marketing

• Filter your clients for campaigns
• Mailshot by email or SMS
• Schedule follow ups
• Integration with Mailchimp for tailored mailshots
• Set up email signatures for each user
• Pipeline management
• Top 50 clients by turnover
• Analyse lost business
• Conversion rate report
• Pipeline calendar report
• Flag sales as Invoiced and Paid


• Client report generator
• Analytics reporting
• Staff activity reporting
• Report on tasks and activities
• Analyse by client and appointment type
• Communication reporting
• Report output to Excel
• Report output to PDF
• Download all reports to excel


• Set up training
• User training
• Administrator training
• Online one to one training
• Webinar training
• Classroom training
• Train the trainer

Data Management

• Merge client facility
• Bulk data updater
• Pre import cleansing of your data
• Initial transfer of your existing data
• Data management work
• Fixed client import facility


• Integration with Microsoft Excel
• Output to PDF
• Integration with Outlook
• Integration with Mailchimp
• Output to Hotsoft Hotel software
• Links to Google Maps to find clients


• Quick search from every screen
• User dashboard
• Tailored for PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Invoicing & Payments

• Add in invoices for clients
• Bulk assign invoices for courses for example
• Automatic weekly or monthly set amount invoicing
• Record payments for clients
• Customise payment types and methods
• Invoice & payment reporting

Online Payments

• Integration with Stripe
• Take online payments from your clients
• Let your clients pay their bills online

Custom work

• Customised imports
• Customised reporting
• Your company logo on dashboard


• Set up consultancy support *
• Ongoing consulting support *

User Functionality

• Restrict staff to see their own clients only
• Restrict staff to see their own diary only
• Role permissions
• Task & activity tracking


• SMS facility available
• Email individual client
• Bulk email clients
• Text individual client
• Bulk text clients
• Schedule automatic reminder to clients for appointments
• Communication reporting
• Email integration - automatic link with Outlook
• Full history of communication with clients

Document Storage

• Upload templates and policies
• Upload documents for clients
• Upload links to dropbox & YouTube etc.


• Full audit trail helping with compliance
• Access archived content
• Manage your users
• Assign role permissions
• Import clients

User Permissions

• Permission to merge clients
• Permission to view reporting
• Permission to view own and colleagues diaries
• Permission to bulk edit clients
• Permission to view own and colleagues clients


• On screen support
• Email support
• Phone support
• Access to instructional videos

* Set up consultancy support
Switching to a new system can be a stressful time for any business. You may have lists of client data in many different spreadsheets that you need to tidy up and get imported to MindaClient. Your staff may need training and hand holding to help the transition to MindaClient. You might want to know how to set up a campaign. You might want us to review your processes to see how MindaClient can improve your business. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that it is done right.

* Ongoing consulting support
We can put together a tailored plan for your business that will ensure you get the best from your MindaClient. We usually arrange a monthly face to face meeting where we can answer questions, upskill the MindaClient administrator, further train your staff and support you as your company grows using MindaClient. So many clients who have been using MindaClient for a period are amazed when we show them the additional features available in MindaClient.