Cloud Services from MindaClient


Cloud Services from MindaClient

At MindaClient we provide a variety of Cloud Business Services. Below we list some of these services.

Customer Relationship Management system

  • Client & Contact Management. Sales & Pipeline management.
  • Marketing & Communication. Individual & Bulk reminders by email & SMS.
  • Analysis of your clients to increase sales
  • Complaint management
  • GDPR Compliance


Stock / Asset Management Systems

  • Tracks and manages stock and Assets for a school or centre.
  • Deployed to around 100 centres through ETB network.
  • Cloud based so each school & centre manages own stock while head office manages all stock
  • Handles Depletions, Depreciation, Loaning of Assets.


Field Service & Maintenance

  • Facility to schedule and record the work done for maintenance.
  • Calls or reports of breakdowns can be recorded and assigned to a maintenance person.
  • The call instantly appears on the maintenance persons phone. They carry out the work, record what they have done, what materials they have used and can get the client to sign off on the phone
  • Maintenance and servicing can also be scheduled.


Application Management

  • Applicants can register for service or funding
  • Workflow to process the applications
  • Facility to review and score applications
  • Set up email templates to communicate with applicants
  • CRM to manage applicants on ongoing basis


Grant Management

  • Let the public apply online for Grants
  • Process the applications and record assessment and decision on application
  • Schedule and record payments to applicants
  • Comprehensive reporting around grants paid & grants due


Web Registration with Workflow

  • Allow Clients or members of the public to register from your website.
  • The person registering gets an email that you can customise
  • You get an email with details of the registration
  • The client is in your database and there is an activity on your dashboard to follow up

This facility could be used for management of complaints, ensuring that all are resolved


Service delivery to Patients

  • Management of waiting lists & appointment setting
  • Assessment of Patients & setting up follow on appointments
  • Reminders to clients about appointment by email and SMS
  • Full history of patient – Assessment / Treatment / Reminders / Payments
  • Invoice & Payment facility including outstanding balances from patients.


Association Management

  • Database for Associations. Track & manage membership.
  • Communication with members through Email & SMS. Interface with MailChimp
  • Record all interaction with members
  • Record monies due and received from members


Course & CPD Management

  • Can be used for recording external courses, Internal training or recording of CPD
  • Set up courses or events and add people onto the courses
  • Raise invoices & record payments for attendance at course
  • Communicate with course attendees by SMS & Email


Primary Schools Management system

  • Pupil waiting lists. Class lists
  • Communication with Parents through Email & SMS
  • Recording of attendance of pupils. Report cards for pupils.
  • Letters to parents. End of year reports


Please contact us about these or any other Cloud services your organisation may need.

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Brian Kelly
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Brian is co-founder and CEO of MindaClient. When Brian is not working in MindaClient he loves watching soccer and working on spreadsheets. He needs to get out more.

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